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Alternative ME3 Jane

Alternative ME3 Jane by JRsV 

An attempt at recreating some of the female Shepards from the ME3 art for ME1 + ME2 + ME3 on PC and Xbox by JRsV.

Thanks to JRsV for this =)

 ME3 head-morph --> here

ME2 head-morph --> here

ME1 slider settings --> here 

For ME2 JRsV added the slightly different codes, as well as mildly modded head-morphs. Next JRsV translated these codes to ME1 slider settings, using the Face Code Converter by Tup3xi.

For the complete look in ME2 and ME3, the head-morph files are needed. Using these requires Gibbed Save editor.

Gibbed for ME2 is available here:

Gibbed for ME3:

Information about using Gibbed to edit Xbox saves:

ME3 creation screen codes:

Red hair: 141.E59.DD1.T14.F1A.12T.FNQ.121.DF8.1C2.2G5.376
Blond hair: 141.E59.DD1.T14.F1A.1HT.FNQ.121.DF8.1C8.2G5.376
Black hair: 131.E59.DD1.T14.F1A.15T.FNQ.121.DF8.1C7.2G5.376

ME2 creation screen codes:

Red hair: 143.E59.DD1.R14.F1A.13T.HNQ.121.DE8.1C4.2G6.376
Blond hair: 143.E59.DD1.R14.F1A.17T.HNQ.121.DE8.1C1.2G6.376
Black hair: 133.E59.DD1.R14.F1A.17T.HNQ.121.DE8.1C7.2G6.376

JRsV -->

JRsV Project -->

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