Freitag, 27. September 2013

Play as Liara in Mass Effect 2

Play as Liara in ME2 Mod by kumquats

The player can wear Liara as armor with this ini.

IMPORTANT: Please save your coalesced.ini in an backup folder!
How to use:
NumPad 8: The Liara 'reveal'. If you didn't play LotSB yet, you have to reaveal her or you won't see the armor.
NumPad 9: You can wear armor on the Normandy, it will not work in all cutscenes, like the Romance scenes.
NumPad 7: You can open the armor UI everywhere to change into Liara. If her skin looks kind of brownish, change into the Cerberus armor and back. She should be blue again.

Play as Adept: I removed the heavy weapons and the shotguns in this ini for better screenshots and because you just have to play Liara as an Adept.

Have fun! 

Made by kumquats

--> here 

Thanks to kumquats for this Mod =)

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