Montag, 2. Juni 2014

JohnP's Alternate MEHEM by JohnP - HelixSpiral

JohnP's Alternate MEHEM

by JohnP - HelixSpiral

by JohnP - HelixSpiral

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This story mod keeps the main thing that makes MEHEM MEHEM, the memorial scene with Shepard, and uses it with the traditional Extended Cut ending (albeit slightly modified).
All three Crucible choices remain avaible and, as in the standard Extended Cut, you must have a high enough EMS level in order for Shepard to survive the destroy ending.
There are also some changes in the final conversation and epilogues, some obvious, some subtle. See if you can spot all of them!  - by John P - HelixSpiral

More Information here

by JohnP - HelixSpiral

This all made by JohnP

I love it :D

Thanks to  JohnP - HelixSpiral :)

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