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MEHEM - the Mass Effect Happy Ending mod

MEHEM - the Mass Effect Happy Ending mod

by MrFrob

What is MEHEM?
MEHEM is short for the Mass Effect (3) Happy Ending Mod. It significantly changes the ending, kicking in right after Anderson's death scene (or Shepard's quiet moment if Anderson is dead).
UPDATE: Ever since v0.2 it actually has the first modded scenes during the beam run sequence at the end of "Priority Earth".

 Please check the MEHEM thread for updates:

 You can download the MEHEM v0.3 installer (created by wavion)



What does MEHEM do in detail (obvious spoiler warning)?
- It removes the catalyst scene. No ifs, not buts. It's gone for good. (So is your choice, you will now destroy the reapers no matter what)
- It introduces a whole new scene showing how Joker disobeys orders and keeps the Normandy in the fight long enough for Shepard to be rescued (with the help of a certain Alliance captain :))
- The Normandy no longer crash-lands on the Weirdo Planet
- The Geth and EDI survive. EDI is now present during the memorial and new slides were added to the epilogue that will show the geth, if they are alive. All credit and thanks for the slides goes to areyouareaper!
- The epilogue slides now show survivors on the Citadel, most prominently Aria and Cpt. Baley. All thanks and credit for this new slide goes to Alienmorph!
- You will see your Shepard reunited with his crew (and even some interaction unique to your LI if the LI is part of the Normandy crew). While they don't exactly have a party, now it is a real bitter-sweet ending with the emphasis on "sweet" rather than on "bitter"
- The musical score is changed quite extensively, including the credits song
- Since by the time of v0.3, quite a few people have contributed to this mod, I implemented some MEHEM credits in the stargazer scene.
- Since v0.2, Harbinger will say a few lines during the beam run

MEHEM v0.3 changelog (08. 03. 2013):
New features and improvements:
- Jack and Miranda now have individual farewell videos (thanks to areyouareaper for the slides)
- New slide with citadel survivors (thatnks to Alienmorph for the new slide)
- A couple of new and colour corrected scenes for the videos (thnaks to Bierwichtel for the new shuttle landing scene)
- The game now detects automatically if you saved the geth or not and shows the appropriate slides
- Stargazer scene now feature MEHEM credits

Bug fixes:
- EDI slide can no longer show up during the epilogue
- Shepard-hands and Garrus-hug clipping issues improved
- Female animations for male Shepard removed
- Hackett's cut lines during the beam transport cutscene are back in
- Sound adjustments for the videos
- Lip synching improved during the videos (still not perfect though)
- Took care of some video formatting issues. Videos should now be of slightly better quality
- Sound balance during the videos adjusted. Thi is still work in progress though, please tell me if you think something is drastically too loud or quiet. Keep in mind though that the audio during the new cutscenes is dependent on you sound SFX volume setting (dialogue in those cutscenes included).

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